Inaugural Post

I have always considered photography anĀ art form. It is a tool that has many uses. A camera captures light. Most of the time it is light reflecting off of objects that we capture and the image created is usually meant to represent that object in some way or another. I remember as a young man with a camera I was totally consumed with the object it was trying to represent in an image. I intuitively saw more in that object than what the light was necessarily reflecting at that moment I clicked the shutter. The image was ALWAYS A DISAPPOINTMENT. It always disappointed me. Until I realized that a photograph is an interpretation of the subject photographed I was not happy with my results. Unless it is journalism, where facts are being conveyed through images, I am more interested in the power of the image than anything else.

In this blog I plan to discuss my vision in photography and perhaps pass along a few tips to help you if you are a photographer and would like to develop your craft.

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